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The predominant spoken language is Moroccan Arabic (Darija). There are also three Amazigh Berber languages. Tarifit, is used in the northern Rif. Tamazight is spoken in the middle atlas and eastern high Atlas. Tashlhyt is spoken in the western high Atlas, sous valley and Anti-atlas. French is widely spoken in Morocco, especially among schooled Moroccans, and English is increasingly spoken as well.

Morocco is a predominantly Sunni Muslim country with small Jewish and Christian minorities. The culture of Morocco has been strongly influenced by Berbers, Arabs, Moors, Jews, and the French, and is tolerant of religious differences. While Moroccans are hospitable to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, most Islamic religious monuments are closed to non-Muslims. There are, however, notable exceptions to this custom, enabling visitors to enter some of Morocco's most formidable shrines such as the newly-built Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

One of the greatest cuisines of the world, Moroccan cooking abounds with intriguing spices and fresh ingredients. Some of the most common dishes include the tagines, couscous, fresh seafood, and of course ubiquitous mint tea. 

The traditional dress for Moroccan men and women is called djellaba, a long, loose, hooded garment with full sleeves. Women wear kaftans decorated with ornaments. Nearly all men, and most women, wear balgha, soft leather slippers with no heel, often dyed yellow. Women also wear high-heeled sandals. Most women’s djellabas are brightly colored and have ornate patterns, stitching, or beading, while men's djellabas are usually plainer and colored neutrally.​

Art and Architecture 
​Artistic beauty is found in Moroccan carpets, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, tile work, sculpture, painting, carving, and calligraphy. There is an international art festival annually. Architecture is rich, alluring, and varied from simple to ornate. You will be captivated by the arches, ornate carved plaster and wood, colorful and elaborate tiles.

Enchanting Culture
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